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COVID-19 Updates

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

We are writing to update you all on the COVID-19 guidelines and requirements set forth by Governor Inslee. As you may know, the governor released updated requirements on August 3rd and 7th. There has been some confusion as to how these updates affect our studio's capacity. The guidelines are as follows:

August 3rd: "...sports such as hockey, soccer, cheerleading, dance, and basketball are limited to practice, with no games or competitions allowed. Practice is limited to groups of five, not including the coach or trainer, if applicable, with no contact and a minimum of six feet of physical distance between participants at all time. No spectators are allowed for practices." August 7th: "Do dance studios have to follow the fitness requirements? It depends on the type of studio. Competitive dance team practicing is authorized to have up to 5 people per class ... The studio would then follow [the August 3rd update]. Aerobic dance classes and other fitness-style dance activities are subject to the 300 square foot requirement.". After spending hours reviewing both documents, speaking to other dance & cheer studio owners, and thinking critically about the best way to move forward while keeping our dancers safe, we have decided to stick with the industry standard and follow suit with other studios in town. Because we are a competitive studio, and not focused on fitness or aerobic training as the basis of our practice, we have interpreted our studio to fall under the "competitive dance" umbrella, meaning we will be moving forward with our original plan of five students per studio, 6+ feet apart. Collectively with other industry leaders in the area, we have agreed that "aerobic and fitness-style dance activities" applies to Zumba, Step Aerobics, etc wherein their main focus is high level heart rate and strenuous activity for the purpose of fitness, which does not match the focus or vision of our studio. We will be requiring and enforcing masks to be worn at all times, with scheduled outdoor mask breaks during class. While we have previously stated that there was grey area in the mask rule during activity, it does not feel safe or appropriate to allow any person on the premises without a mask. If you or your dancer do not feel safe with these guidelines, we completely understand. Our dancers' safety and comfort are our utmost priority, and we will continue to hold the option of Zoom participation for any student who does not feel comfortable taking class in person. We have TV's in each studio with which our teachers will be live-streaming their classes via Zoom. We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time. Please know we will be keeping you updated as any more changes or updates come to light. This will mean more emails than we typically prefer to send, however in the current health crisis it is more important than ever for us to stay connected.

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