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Welcome to Evolution Dance Company!  Evolution Dance Co. strives to provide every student of all ages the opportunity to discover their full potential as a dancer, artist, and human.  From its inception, EDC has always been a dream with a mind of its own, growing and blossoming into a renowned dance center known for its challenging curriculum and heart of kindness.


Evolution Dance Co.'s teaching philosophy is holistic and does not stop at teaching dance.  We believe that each person is on their own never ending journey of growth mentally, physically, and emotionally.  EDC firmly believes that one is never done learning, and encourages our students to embark upon a life-long journey of curiosity and personal development.


EDC employs a diverse staff of instructors who are able to provide a rigorous – and safe – dance curriculum.  We bring in teachers from outside the area and encourage our students to say yes to every opportunity possible. We work hard to ensure that dance is a fun and valuable part of every student's life. Our instructors are highly qualified, loving, welcoming, always inspiring and make sure every student leaves class feeling good about themselves. There are also seasonal performance opportunities for children ages 3 and up - performing is one of the most exciting parts about being a dancer!

Evolution Dance Co. is a collective with a solid foundation and is always growing, morphing, and adapting to the times and the students’ needs.  Welcome to the EVOLUTION REVOLUTION!


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