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Our Values...

Evolution Dance Co. is committed to treating every individual with kindness, compassion, and patience.  We firmly believe that the basis of all action should be love, and we carry this philosophy into our implementation of dance education.  


We believe in the importance of knowing our students as humans, not just dancers.  As such, we have regular check-ins and journal time with our dancers so that they can keep track of their progress in dance as well as their own well-being.  Adolescence is a difficult time for anyone, and we hope that EDC will serve our students as a respite from the day to day, as well as an opportunity to learn and institute self-care.  We teach our kids that you can strive to be a better dancer everyday while also striving to be a better, kinder, softer human.  By diligently instilling in our students the importance of teamwork, love, and community, our students evolve as dancers and humans everyday within our walls.


At EDC, we applaud and encourage individuality and acceptance.  We hope that Evolution is a place within which our students feel comfortable and safe to be their most authentic selves.  We will not tolerate bigotry, intolerance, or hate of any kind, and recognize and celebrate the beautiful gift of difference.  Each student brings their own unique perspective into the world, and we hope to foster that.  Race, orientation, gender, religion, class, or creed – all are welcome.


Lastly, the most important thing to us here at Evolution Dance Co. is that our students are having fun and leave proud of themselves every day.  We recognize that dance is hard work!  We are sure to remind our students that it is ok to be frustrated, but that any obstacle can be overcome with hard work and dedication.  We are here to guide our students through the tumbleweeds of life in a fun and uplifting manner; while fun is the goal, we also recognize the human need to express emotion.  We hope to guide our students to express their emotion through the form of dance, but are always readily available to them should they just need to talk.  We truly love each and every one of our students, and their safety is our #1 priority – physically and mentally.  We recognize the value of hard work, and hope our students know that as long as they do their best and have fun, the rest doesn’t matter.  At least for the one or two hours they spend with us in class, our students can shed the stress of being young and let themselves breathe free, moving with their friends.

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