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Our Vision…


At Evolution Dance Company, we provide a challenging yet encouraging curriculum that pushes our students mentally, physically, and emotionally towards positive growth.  Our main goal is to provide a platform for our students to explore their passion for dance, which in turn helps them develop into a well-rounded human being that wants to make a difference in our world.  Whether through movement, the arts, or by being a role model for those around them, we believe that everyone has endless potential within them, and we are here to help them find it.


For the more serious dancer, we employ a diverse staff of instructors who are able to provide a rigorous – and safe – dance curriculum.  We bring in teachers from outside the area and encourage our students to take as many classes as possible, even if those classes are not from us.  We also offer many performance opportunities, attend multiple conventions as a studio, and have elite competition teams for which students can audition.


For the hobby dancer, we ensure that dance is a fun and valuable part of their life. Instructors are loving and welcoming, always inspiring and make sure every student leaves class with a smile on their face. There are also seasonal performance opportunities for children ages 3 and up - performing is one of the most exciting parts about being a dancer!

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