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Online registration for the 2023-2024 Season is now open.  You can view our schedule & register for classes by clicking the link above. 


  Keep scrolling to view current tuition rates. 


Monthly Plans:


One Class (30 min)


One Class (45 min)


One Class (60 min)


One Class (75 min)


One Class (90 min)



Tuition is posted the 15th, due the 25th of the month prior, and is considered late as of the 1st.  For example, October's tuition will be posted to accounts on September 15 and will be due September 25.


Tuition can be paid per month or by semester (September-December and January-June)

Tuition is not prorated for any shorter months or months with significant breaks (i.e. September, December, June, etc).  Similarly, tuition will not be refunded in ANY circumstances included cancelled class sessions.

Unlimited tuition rates do not include private lessons, adult drop-in classes, extra featured role fees, costumes fees, or EECT tuition.


Registration fee: $20 new dancer registration, $5/class/dancer (all students).

Tuition is nonrefundable.

There is a 3.05% convenience fee for all online card payments and a 1.05% fee for ACH transactions.

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