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Name Change

Hello dancers, families, and friends of HIDC!

As we all know, this has been a time of great change in the world, as well as within our little world here at Harper&I Dance Center.  Between COVID, a new owner, and a new location, (coming soon!) there have been many shifts happening behind the scenes, and I am here now with another exciting announcement!

As you know, I, Emma Delaney, have stepped in as Owner/Artistic Director as of June 1st.  During this time spent working from home, I have been doing a lot of work reflecting upon and redrawing the values and vision of our studio.  I have been working with our staff to outline our core values and beliefs and now more than ever I am committed to the growth and development of ourselves as a studio, as well as the growth and development of our dancers and instructors.

The staff & I believe that at the heart of our studio, beneath a quality dance curriculum, is love and kindness, as well as a community focus that is ever adapting to the needs and values of our students, staff, and families.  I have seen an incredible amount of strength and resilience in both our dancers and our staff throughout these difficult past few months, and it has shown me that we are a family of strong artists who are enthusiastically committed to growing as people, dancers, athletes, friends, and humans.


I have been deeply inspired by watching all of our students employ such power, determination,self-reflection, resilience, and strength, and have come to the decision to change the name of our studio.  With all of the other changes being implemented this summer, it just makes sense to fully transition as we move into this next phase of our journey. 

With that being said, as of July 1st we will no longer be known as HIDC; welcome to Evolution Dance Co.

Harper&I Dance Center is an entity that is well-loved and for you - our families - not much will change.  We are invested in retaining the familial sense of community and high-quality dance training you have come to know and expect, but are also invested in always pushing forward as a business and as a welcoming, safe space for all of our students to live as their most authentic selves.

Thank you for your continued support, I am so excited to begin this next chapter with all of you.

With love and strength,

Emma Delaney

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